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Threadz, a social creative writing game, beckons friends and strangers to combine their creative wits to co-write a story together using various themes. Each player takes turns building lines that move the story forward, and each response is voted on to determine which direction the tale will turn.

Threadz offers a variety of “themes” that players can choose from to help jumpstart the development of any story. From classic springboards like “Once upon a time”, to “It was a dark and scary night”, to more modern subjects of interest like Zombies, Pirates, and Superheros, there’s a theme for every storyteller.

Users earn coins for playing, with the winning vote earning the most each round – these coins are used to purchase fonts, emojis and other items to customize their sentences. Threadz also heats up the game by featuring a competitive element; rankings are earned the more games that players complete-encouraging users to hold the Platinum placement at the top of the leaderboards.

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